Sébastian Devrient (Schweiz)
Jean Troillet, toujours aventurier
54 min
Sébastian Devrient (Schweiz)
Alpinism & Expeditions
A small bivouac at 3,040m on the slopes of Mont Dolent in Valais, Swiss Alps, is the setting for great encounters. Over the course of 10 days under canvas, in conditions similar to those of his expeditions, the famous adventurer and mountaineer Jean Troillet revisits the high points of his life. 50 years of mountaineering, 40 years of expeditions, 30 years climbing the Himalayas at more than 8,000 metres. Throughout these days filled with stories, 27 surprise guests come to visit Jean Troillet. Some come in person to spend 24 hours in the bivouac; others enjoy a virtual immersion in the intimate setting of the camp through interviews projected onto the tent canvas. Sketches, anecdotes, confidences, laughter and silence bring the past to life again and snatch a glimpse of the future of a free and enthusiastic man who, at 68 years old, is still an adventurer.