Udo Zimmermann (Deutschland)
Bhutan, von Kindern und Kranichen
52 min
Udo Zimmermann (Deutschland)
People & Cultures
In the kingdom of Bhutan, in the central Himalayas, people live according to the Buddhist rules. They strongly believe that the souls of the deceased are carried on the cranes’ backs to heaven. Therefore, these migrant birds are considered as “birds of good luck ”. This year, the 11 year-old Karma is waiting impatiently for the cranes to arrive. His parents want him to prepare himself for his future life in the monastery. But Karma is indecisive. He is not only interested in the spiritual role of the cranes, he wants as well know everything about their biology. When the birds finally arrive in their wintering grounds, Karma wanders through the valley, together with the biologist Jigme, in order to watch the cranes. Which decision will Karma take in the end? A future in the monastery or in science?