Jan Haft (Deutschland)
Magie der Moore
93 min
Jan Haft (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment

Lobende Erwähnung 2016

Probably everybody knows the term „moor“, but hardly anyone knows anything precisely. It took Jan Haft, the director, five years to film this brilliant kaleidoscope of a unique flora and fauna and to show a sensitive ecosystem which has to be protected. For that purpose, he has used state-of-the-art camera techniques. Slow motion pictures make the fastest motion sequences visible. Time-lapse pictures allow the spectators to gain a new insight of the seemingly motionless plants and depict the beauty of the living space moor in a fascinating change of colours. Arial shots show how the moors integrate themselves into the cultural landscape like islands, and macrophotography watch the tiniest dwellers of the moor and shows their thrilling stories. Furthermore, the spectator learns that the moors are giant CO2 reservoirs which are of basic necessity for our climate.