Nature and Environment- 34 Beiträge

Films that deal with preservation and presentation of the environment, nature and wildlife.

Jörg Daiber
4 min
The Austrian Alps are not nearly as big as you may think... Shot at Mitterfeldalm near Hochkönig, Tappenkarsee,... mehr info >
Werner Schuessler
94 min
A passionate adventure journey around the globe with the world's best wildlife filmmakers, filled with their most... mehr info >
Jason Jaacks
10 min
Dr. Rodrigo Medellin began studying bats as an eight-year-old, when he raised vampire bats in a bathroom at his... mehr info >
Jenny Nichols & Joe Riis
28 min
Scientist Arthur Middleton, photographer Joe Riis, artist James Prosek and filmmaker Jenny Nichols join forces in... mehr info >
Stephan Heise
44 min
Again, one of the strictly protected wolves has been in killed in Germany, one of seven in two years. The culprits... mehr info >
Brigitte Kornberger
44 min
Many ski resorts offer hundreds of kilometres of prepared skiing slopes, Alpine fun parks and huge hotel castles to... mehr info >
Jan Haft
93 min
Probably everybody knows the term „moor“, but hardly anyone knows anything precisely. It took Jan Haft, the director,... mehr info >
Jan Haft
44 min
Lake Chiemsee with its three small islands and its impressive Alpine backdrops attracts half a million visitors every... mehr info >
Beverly & Dereck Joubert
50 min
The nature filmmaker couple Dereck and Beverly Joubert live in Botswana, where exist the biggest remaining wildlife... mehr info >
Mark Fletcher
51 min
The far eastern corner of the Himalayas has been cut off from the modern world for centuries. In Yunnan Province,... mehr info >
Jeremy Hogarth
Nature and Environment (beyond competition)
52 min
Klaus Scheurich
52 min
What do polar bears do during the summer? Where do they live when there is no ice? What do they eat when they cannot... mehr info >
Anneliese Possberg, Annette Scheurich
52 min
The Antarctic region is undoubtedly one of the most remote and inhospitable, yet one of the most beautiful landscapes... mehr info >
Rolf Steinmann
8 min
In a remote area in the world, there is still living a prehistoric relict. Already a long time ago, it has lived... mehr info >
Herbert Ostwald
50 min
Everybody knows them, many people love them, but hardly anyone knows anything about them, except that the giraffes... mehr info >
Laure Muller-Feuga
13 min
One man travels back to the source for a child’s toy. This epic journey through mountain waters wants to awaken the... mehr info >
Joe Loncraine
51 min
Luminous beings, creatures with their own internal light, enchant and astonish us. Bioluminescence is everywhere, in... mehr info >
Mechtild Lehning
43 min
The Gwaii Haanas National Park is located on the Haida Gwaaii archipelago, in front of the west coast of Canada. Many... mehr info >
Franz Hafner
50 min
The mountain massif of the Ötscher is located on the east end of the Alps. Its summit is under of 2,000m altitude,... mehr info >
Jürgen Eichinger
43 min
The massif of the Zugspitze is the only region in Germany, which reaches up to the heights of eternal snow and ice... mehr info >
Will & Lianne Steenkamp
50 min
Filming over more than two years, we see the secret lives of desert lions as they roam the rugged mountains, majestic... mehr info >
Heribert Schöller
44 min
The Rhön has often been called the „land of open distances “. This low mountain range is home to black storks in... mehr info >
Yanick Rose
51 min
Himalaya. This mountain range which shelters the highest summits of the world is synonymic of eternal snow. For... mehr info >
Catherina Conrad
44 min
The Inuit’s mentality has always been marked by a deep respect for nature. For centuries, the people in the high... mehr info >
Katja Esson
43 min
With its 18 million inhabitants, Los Angeles belongs to one of biggest cities on earth. All these people need water –... mehr info >
Viktor Apfelbacher, Anna Steuber
43 min
Since its foundation in 1885, the Banff National Park has always been a tourist attraction due to the impressive... mehr info >
Rolf Schlenker
89 min
Icelandic low, Genoa low, Azores high: What does the area look like, where our weather is created? The forecaster... mehr info >
Cornelia Volk
44 min
Albania is a small country, however it hosts many undiscovered nature treasuries. In the “enchanted mountains”, a... mehr info >
Katja Esson
43 min
Dramatic rocky gorges and white water rapids – this is the Colorado River, with its 2,333 kilometres, the second... mehr info >
Stephan Koester, Jens Hahne, Oliver Frohnauer
88 min
Compared to the length of a human life, huge volcanic eruptions are relatively rare. However, the impacts of former... mehr info >
Véronique, Anne & Erik Lapied
42 min
Zorra was born in the snow, in the French Alps, 1,800m above sea level. The young vixen spends the first months in... mehr info >
Svenja und Ralph Schieke
43 min
The river Havel in the north east of Germany is an extraordinary river in many aspects. It meanders along 334... mehr info >
Klaus Steindl
50 min
What makes Lake Constance so attractive for animals? Like a magnet, this big lake attracts hundreds of thousands of... mehr info >
Alfred Ninaus
50 min
In this film, we travel to the thrilling world of old giant trees, which have their roots, for many centuries, in... mehr info >