Catherina Conrad (Deutschland)
Tiermythen – Jäger des Lichts
44 min
Catherina Conrad (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
The Inuit’s mentality has always been marked by a deep respect for nature. For centuries, the people in the high north have lived exclusively from hunting. Today, modern life has found its way into Ittorqqortoormiit, a village on the east coast of Greenland, inhabited by five hundred. Thus, there are some persons, who are engaged in preserving the old traditions. Age Hammeken is travelling through snow and ice together with his 9 year-old son Dani. The boy shall learn to hunt with the dog sledge, as did their ancestors. Anda Kuitse, the drummer and dancer, passes on old fairy tales and myths to the village’s youth, so that the story about the man, who once took a fox for his wife, and how it came that the sun and the moon appeared on the sky, does not sink into oblivion.