Mechtild Lehning (Deutschland)
Kanadas Nationalparks: Gwaii Haanas - Wilde Schönheit im Pazifik
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Mechtild Lehning (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
The Gwaii Haanas National Park is located on the Haida Gwaaii archipelago, in front of the west coast of Canada. Many of its 138 bigger and smaller islands are covered with dense rain forest. Here, one can find tree species such as the giant cedar, the hemlock spruce and the Sitka pine. A great number of rare and endangered animal species, such as the hugest subspecies of the American black bear, the bald eagle and the tufted puffin, are living here. Also, the orcas and the humpback whales, seals and the Steller sea lion meet here. This national park owes its existence to the aboriginal Haida. The number of visitors is strictly limited. Furthermore, the Gwaii Haanas can only be reached by water planes or boats.