Yanick Rose (Kanada)
Planet Ice Himalayas - The abode of snow
51 min
Yanick Rose (Kanada)
Nature and Environment
Himalaya. This mountain range which shelters the highest summits of the world is synonymic of eternal snow. For glaciologists, the Himalayas keep an aura of mystery. Because (nearly) everything rests to be discovered. And there is urgency. Alerted by the accelerated melt of numerous glaciers in the world, the scientists worry about the future of the glaciers of the top of the world. In this film, we follow a scientists' team in an expedition which leads them during almost a month on the glaciers of Mount Mera and Changri Nup, two summits situated near Mount Everest. We also follow the researches undertaken by the international scientific community to find innovative solutions and to inform the local population so that they are aware of the effects of climate change on their environment.