Franz Hafner
Ötscher - Im Reich des sanften Riesen
50 min
Franz Hafner
Nature and Environment
The mountain massif of the Ötscher is located on the east end of the Alps. Its summit is under of 2,000m altitude, nevertheless, this mountain is dominating the surrounding area, a landscape full of superlatives. Here one can not only find the coldest community and the darkest night sky in the country, but also Austria’s Grand Canyon and largest primeval forest. Also, the fauna which the mountain hosts, is impressive. Capercaillies are living in the forests, snow grouses on the forest-free summits, otters hunt in the brooks and hawks lurk on the edge of the clearings. For the past few years, lynx can also be seen here. Today, one tries to live and to work in harmony with nature, thus, the Ötscher region could become an ideal for the entire alpine space, a place, where men and wildlife can coexist peacefully.