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Details Saturday, 14. Nov. 2015

Ben Sturgulewski
6 min
The story takes a poetic and empathic look on the relationship between Santiago Guzman - freeskier- and his dog... mehr info >
Johannes Aitzetmüller
10 min
This film reflects one of the basic ideas of Tyroleans: the desire of freedom. A group of freeriders is looking for... mehr info >
Bertrand Delapierre
52 min
The story of Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the South Pole is best known as a tale of hardship and survival... mehr info >
Alastair Humphreys
8 min
Alastair Humphreys puts together a beautiful, historical and meaningful film about the legendary bothies. There are... mehr info >
Iara Lee
55 min
K2 is a very special mountain: a savage and a killer. To climb the second highest mountain in the world means to be a... mehr info >