People & Cultures- 19 Beiträge

Films on ethnological topics and cultures in their environment.

Christoph Boekel
43 min
The Russian Kamchatka, the largest peninsula of East Asia, extends 1200km from north to south. High rising partly... mehr info >
Sabine Holzer
50 min
Be it the Yapese in Micronesia, the Inuit in Greenland or the Yanomami in Brazil, these peoples have succeeded in... mehr info >
Christian Labhart
82 min
Painter, anarchist and dropout: That was Giovanni Segantini. He created monumental works, mostly under the open sky... mehr info >
Anne, Erik und Véronique Lapied
70 min
Alexandre lives in a mountain village and since his childhood, he has, together with his father, herded almost a... mehr info >
Eliza Kubarska
72 min
In the summer of 1986, several dozen alpinists from all over the world met to climb K2, the second highest mountain... mehr info >
Alessandro Soetje
30 min
The shaman artist Lorenz lives by a busy road in the Alps. He earns his living by carving totems and painting stones... mehr info >
Leonhardt Steinbichler
43 min
The ten-year old Motup lives with his family in the Indian Himalaya, in the village Zangla on the Zanskar River, at... mehr info >
Susanna Fanzun
93 min
In the big world of the small alpine pasture Alp Gün, the three children Braida (8), Marchet (6) and Jon (3) live... mehr info >
Andreas Pichler
40 min
If you are not fully concentrated, if you are not present, you have lost. This rule is also valid for musicians as... mehr info >
Astrid Kofler, Helmut Lechthaler
55 min
Alpine huts are like oasis in rock and stone deserts. After a straining ascent, the hikers find a place to rest, to... mehr info >
Eloïse Barbieri
57 min
There is a valley in Afghanistan that has never known war - the Wakhan - a strip of land that unfolds amid high... mehr info >
Angelika Vogel
52 min
A sparse country, thin air, raw climate – this is the homeland of the nine-year old Christobal and his father. The... mehr info >
Marlo Poras
80 min
Juma and Latso, young women from one of the world’s last remaining matriarchal societies, are thrust into the... mehr info >
Jocelyn Ford
83 min
In Eastern Tibet, young widow Zanta struggles with her autocratic father-in-law, who doesn’t want her son to go to... mehr info >
Michael Petsch
29 min
This film explores the contrary world of the Ötz Valley and its inhabitants, such as the turbulent village Sölden and... mehr info >
Andreas Voigt
50 min
In the middle of the chaotic traffic mayhem, between cars and rickshaws, wiry men ride leisurely on their elephants... mehr info >
Tina Kringer, Helena Hufnagel
13 min
The Popocatepetl is one of the most dangerous active volcanos in the world. An eruption would mean that around 24... mehr info >
Hervé Tiberghien
99 min
It all began with an old book: "Tarap, a valley in the Himalayas" portrays a small isolated community and its... mehr info >
Paul Rose, Jonas Julian Köck
57 min
Elisabeth Lackner, the legendary so-called „Floitenschlagstaude“, has been a poacher and a rebel in the Tyrolean... mehr info >