Sports in Mountains & Nature- 41 Beiträge

Films that focus on the athletic performance in an outdoor environment and the motivations of the protagonists.

Alastair Humphreys
8 min
Alastair Humphreys puts together a beautiful, historical and meaningful film about the legendary bothies. There are... mehr info >
Johannes Aitzetmüller
10 min
This film reflects one of the basic ideas of Tyroleans: the desire of freedom. A group of freeriders is looking for... mehr info >
Ben Sturgulewski
6 min
The story takes a poetic and empathic look on the relationship between Santiago Guzman - freeskier- and his dog... mehr info >
Nick Rosen, Peter Mortimer
98 min
The greatest untold story of American counterculture is that of the Yosemite Valley rock climbers. For 50 years,... mehr info >
Alastair Lee
29 min
Julian Lines is the best climber you've never heard of. He is undoubtedly Britain's most accomplished free climbing... mehr info >
Jochen Schmoll
52 min
Majlis al Jinn is a huge cave located in Oman and it is an epic challenge for the climbers Stefan Glowacz and Chris... mehr info >
Paul Diffley, Chris Prescott
53 min
The documentary tells the controversial story of one of the world's best trad climbers. After a dramatic rise to... mehr info >
Sven Allenbach, Samuel Gyger
52 min
This film documents the ambitious summer project of Ueli Steck and his mentor Daniel Mader. Ueli has climbed all 82... mehr info >
Jürgen Gruber
75 min
Wolfgang Fasching is a living legend of endurance cycling. He has already won the ‘Race Across America’ three times... mehr info >
Max Reichel, Franz Hinterbrandner
49 min
Skiing untouched mountain faces is a sport which has always been reserved for only a few chosen ones, and where the... mehr info >
Eduardo Gellner
49 min
A reckless idea, to climb two one thousand meter high limestone walls without rope and without partner. Solo. Both... mehr info >
Ben Knight
8 min
There's no easy way to say goodbye to a friend, especially when they've supported you through your darkest times. A... mehr info >
Eva Spreitzhofer
95 min
Andy Holzer is an extreme mountaineer and he has already climbed six of the “Seven Summits”. What makes the... mehr info >
Gerald Salmina
120 min
The Streif is the ultimate challenge. Whoever dares to ski down it without being in the best physical and mental... mehr info >
Oakley Anderson-Moore
76 min
Stumbling upon her father's hi8 tapes, a daughter discovers a world of delinquent oddballs and wino nomad-poets who... mehr info >
Petra Rothmund
25 min
Fifteen years ago, an Austrian climber has discovered gneiss boulders in a forest near the village Ausserferrera in... mehr info >
Bryan Smith, David Pearson
53 min
A story about Will Gadd pushing the boundary of a sport through his imagination and dedication. The unique spray ice... mehr info >
Alastair Lee
24 min
Yorkshireman Rob Jarman is a downhill mountain bike specialist and professional stuntman. One day at work he faces a... mehr info >
Stefan Köchel, David Schickengruber
12 min
In February 2015, the speed riders Dominik Lindebner and Stefan Stockinger set off to the Julian Alps. Their goal is... mehr info >
Darcy Turenne
47 min
The Little Things is a snowboard movie project featuring award-winning scientist David Suzuki alongside a cast of... mehr info >
Jon Herranz
29 min
In July 2014, Edu Marín took on the most challenging project of his life: climbing “Panaroma”, the legendary route... mehr info >
4 min
When acrobatic Paraglider Théo de Blic is on screen you usually here loud bass-loaded music to add drama. This time... mehr info >
Nils Kaltschmidt, Vincent Seidl
27 min
The Styrian extreme cyclist Jakob Zurl rides on one of the most dangerous streets across the Himalaya, nonstop. From... mehr info >
Thomas Hillebrandt
52 min
The German extreme athlete Guido Kunze sets off to Chile in order to conquer the highest volcano on earth by bicycle... mehr info >
William G. Taggart
23 min
This documentary is about the history of one of the most difficult multi-day self support whitewater kayak trips in... mehr info >
Max Reichel, Franz Hinterbrandner
49 min
In the French Haute-Provence you’ll find one of the most extraordinary and spectacular places of Europe: the Verdon... mehr info >
Jareed Mehan, Olaf Obsommer
17 min
The Stikine River is considered as one of the most dangerous wild water rivers on earth. It flows 640 km across... mehr info >
Colin Arisman
40 min
Casey Gannon and Colin Arisman thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail with cameras in hand. The film is the story of... mehr info >
Gilles Charensol, Véro & Lionel Daudet
70 min
In August 2011, adventurer mountaineer Lionel Daudet - says Dod - left for an “exact” Tour de France: without... mehr info >
Max Lebsanft
27 min
Ecological devastation, lack of snow, the madness of Après-Ski. Alpine ski tourism has been more and more criticized... mehr info >
Mike Douglas
10 min
The volcanoes of Tongariro National Park in New Zealand mark the most treasured spot in all of Maori culture. They... mehr info >
Sylvia Rothe
29 min
The social pedagogue Anke has been handicapped since her birth. This doesn’t impede her to face new physical... mehr info >
Franz Walter
5 min
“We humans only give a guest performance on the planet earth” – according to this motto, the filmmaker Franz Walter... mehr info >
Peter Künzel
48 min
After his successes on summits all over the world, Alexander Huber has chosen a new big goal: the rock face... mehr info >
Fridolin Baur
27 min
The Lechtaler Alps end in the west on the famous Arlberg, the cradle of alpine skiing. In the very heart of this wild... mehr info >
Jon Earle
9 min
Exploring the parallels between endurance and how we today, are living on the planet. Ultra marathon runner Matt... mehr info >
Alastair Lee
3 min
„Boy“ is the film adaption of a short story by the English mountaineering author Niall Grimes. It presents a... mehr info >
Andre Nutini, David Peacock
59 min
Four professional free skiers undertake a thrilling trip during their two-year project. They travel through Japan,... mehr info >
Greg Hackett
5 min
How do you find balance in your life? Henrik Westling had hoped to find it in opening an outdoor shop in his... mehr info >
Bjarne Salén
59 min
Dream Line is a documentary about the magical power of dreams. The professional skier Ptor Spriceniek follows an... mehr info >
Alastair Lee
7 min
iPaddle is a persiflage of GoPro athletes whose main motivation consists in documenting their sportive selves... mehr info >