Alpinism & Expeditions- 26 Beiträge

Films on expeditions and ventures with explorative character in natural environment far from civilisation.

Pavol Barabás
58 min
It was 90 years ago when a young Slovak student proved what was then unimaginable. Wieslaw Stanislawski climbed new... mehr info >
Iara Lee
55 min
K2 is a very special mountain: a savage and a killer. To climb the second highest mountain in the world means to be a... mehr info >
Bertrand Delapierre
52 min
The story of Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the South Pole is best known as a tale of hardship and survival... mehr info >
Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll
55 min
Four years after “Vertical Sailing Greenland”, Captain Reverend Bob Shepton (79) calls the Wild Bunch - Sean... mehr info >
Markus Frings
38 min
Christoph Hainz is considered to be one of the most versatile alpinists of his time and his name is for ever... mehr info >
Gieri Venzin, Tilmann Remme
87 min
The first ascent of Matterhorn in July 1865 ended tragically, because four climbers fell to their deaths. Was it an... mehr info >
Hans-Jürgen Panitz
50 min
Hardly any person reaches such a high age as Norman Dyhrenfurth, son of the famous Himalaya expedition leader Günter... mehr info >
Pawel Wysoczanski
73 min
In October 1989 Jerzy Kukuczka dies during a Lhotse expedition. It was the first time he went to the Himalayas with... mehr info >
Luc-Henri Fage
52 min
“Diego de Almagro” is a desert island, lost in the confines of Chilean Patagonia, latitude 52 degrees south. To be... mehr info >
Geertjan Lassche
105 min
In April 2014, a group of Dutch climbers start an expedition to climb ‘Cho Oyu’, the sixth highest mountain in the... mehr info >
Inge Wegge
83 min
Three Brothers cross country ski in a white, barren landscape. Each has a sled in tow with a surfboard perched on... mehr info >
Jim Aikman
78 min
A new route: “Metanoia” – solo, in winter, straight up the North Face of the Eiger As Jeff Lowe climbed it in 1991 he... mehr info >
Guido Perrini
54 min
World-renowned freeriders Xavier De Le Rue, Samuel Anthamatten and Ralph Backstrom progress the sport of freeriding... mehr info >
Dariusz Zaluski
32 min
Andrzej Bargiel is one of the best Polish ski alpinists. As a young boy from a remote small village he started to... mehr info >
Vinicio Stefanello
22 min
Chris Bonington - one of the great mountaineers of the twentieth century - retraces the stories and adventures of a... mehr info >
Martin Winkler
5 min
Free rider Martin ‚McFly‘ Winkler discovered surfing for the first time 16 years ago, and it became immediately his... mehr info >
Simon Thussbas
52 min
The island Onekotan is situated in an unique position on our planet, on the Pacific Rim of Fire, somewhere between... mehr info >
Francisco D'Eufemia
71 min
In the early 1950s, a group of men and women from different corners of Europe met in Bariloche and began casually,... mehr info >
Mikel Sarasola
50 min
This is not just white water kayaking, this is a real expedition: Starting from the bottom of Mount Fitz Roy, 3... mehr info >
Tom Allen, Leon McCarron
15 min
British adventurers Tom Allen and Leon McCarron set out to follow Iran's longest river, the Karun, by human powered... mehr info >
Andreas Nickel
50 min
Reinhold Messner was born in 1944 in Bozen, South Tyrol. At the tender age of five years, he already climbed the Sass... mehr info >
Christopher Stöckle
58 min
Since his early childhood, Rudolf, who is in the meantime 75 years old, has been attracted by the solitude in nature... mehr info >
Bartlomiej Swiderski
25 min
A film reminiscence about Piotr Morawski, a conqueror of six eight-thousanders and a participant of the first winter... mehr info >
Justine Curgenven
48 min
No-one had succeeded in kayaking along the remote and stormy Aleutian islands, where more than 20 long crossings... mehr info >
Heiderose Häsler
43 min
A team of audacious glider pilots and scientists from Berlin and Brandenburg intend to conquer Mount Everest – from... mehr info >
Bryan Smith, David
52 min
Will Gadd and Gavin McClurg, two accomplished paragliders, attempt to complete the first ever paragliding traverse of... mehr info >