Herbert Ostwald (Deutschland)
Giraffen - Giganten hautnah
50 min
Herbert Ostwald (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2016

The winner film of category “Nature and Environment” shows that the choice of the protagonists alone can be a decisive part of film creation. In many nature films the portrayed animals are also the Kings of the Savanna, be it elephants or lions. Most often the common animals are only allowed to play the role of background actors or victims. This time, however, the animal background players finally get their long missed lead. No doubt, the suspicion is not unfounded that this could as well be an act of social equity – in the savanna and in the animal film. The masterly camera technique and editing, together with some animations, result in 50 minutes of pure watching joy. When we have to smile during this film, this is not only due to the original looks of the protagonists, but also the creative narration of the filmmakers. With good humour, yet with deep respect, they quite naturally avoid all the traps of animal film-making: over-dramatization, sequences of too powerful scenes, and the humanisation of animal behaviour.

Everybody knows them, many people love them, but hardly anyone knows anything about them, except that the giraffes belong to the biggest animals in the world, more precisely, to the tallest. However, even for many animal filmmakers, those long-necked animals are, at the best, actors in a supporting role on Africa’s nature stage. One reason might be, that the giraffes seem to be unspectacular, - “they are huge, but boring”, is a widespread conviction. But, this is only true at first sight. The aim of this extraordinary film was, to correspond to the unique character of those animals by presenting them in a very special way. The result is an entertaining and informative portray of the giraffe with all its amazing features and behaviours.