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Details Saturday, 12. Nov. 2016

A ticket for one of the main program blocks (Stefaniensaal, Steiermarksaal oder Kammermusiksaal) grants access to the whole Program of "Blauer Salon" and "Grüner Salon" on the day the ticket is valid for.
This year, Mountainfilm Graz also offers special "Salon-only"-tickets.
Mehr Information zu den Salonkarten
Véronique, Anne & Erik Lapied
13:00 - 42 min
Zorra was born in the snow, in the French Alps, 1,800m above sea level. The young vixen spends the first months in... mehr info >
Svenja und Ralph Schieke
13:45 - 43 min
The river Havel in the north east of Germany is an extraordinary river in many aspects. It meanders along 334... mehr info >
Jordi Canyigueral
14:30 - 18 min
Making a project stay afloat requires certain attitudes that go beyond technique, such as strength and courage. The... mehr info >
Aline Bock, Lena Stoffel, Matthias Kögel
14:50 - 21 min
Well equipped with ski, snow-, split- and surfboards, the ancient free ride world champion Aline Bock and the free... mehr info >
Michel Domaine
15:15 - 53 min
Speedriding is an efficient mix of skiing and paragliding. Small and fast kites make you leave your traces on... mehr info >
Klaus Steindl
16:10 - 50 min
What makes Lake Constance so attractive for animals? Like a magnet, this big lake attracts hundreds of thousands of... mehr info >
Alfred Ninaus
17:00 - 50 min
In this film, we travel to the thrilling world of old giant trees, which have their roots, for many centuries, in... mehr info >