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Hamid Sardar (Frankreich)
Horse Tamer
Englisch, Mongolisch mit engl. UT
90 min
Hamid Sardar (Frankreich)
People & Cultures

Grand Prix Graz 2022

With expert documentary filmmaker Hamid Sardar as the film’s director, the topic of the last Mongolian nomadic peoples has found a highly skilled master. Having accompanied these great people, who continue to practise their ancestral lifestyle and tradition despite the immense influence of modern civilisation. In extraordinary images, he shows their spirit and physical characteristics in their daily activities within the context of their environment. He succeeds in emotionally involving and touching every viewer in the vastness and depth of a partly re-enacted but by no means fictional story. A film made under sometimes most arduous conditions and which the jury unanimously agreed to award.

In northern Mongolia’s Darhat valley, nomadic tribes bandits frequently lose horses to bandits, who steal them to sell to Russian slaughterhouses for a handful of roubles. Shukhert, a vigilante Darhat horseman, pursues them tirelessly, through the Mongolian taiga, all the way along on the border with Siberia. Documenting the life of the last nomads for over ten years, director and ethnographer Hamid Sardar has this year been invited to follow Shukhert on his long journey. Witnessing tribal rivalries, smuggling and gold prospecting, Hamid wonders what horse theft says about today’s Mongolia.