Nature and Environment- 42 Beiträge

Films that deal with preservation and presentation of the environment, nature and wildlife.

Jan Haft
50 min Deutsch
The European dark bee adapted to the Mediterranean climate thousands of years ago. It survives without any attention... more >
Beat Bieri
69 min Englisch mit dt. UT
Swiss-Canadian bear researcher Reno Sommerhalder has been returning to the remoteness of Alaska on and off for 35... more >
Christine Sonvilla, Marc Graf
52 min Deutsch
Nestled between the Alps and the Adriatic, Slovenia contains almost all types of landscape found in Central Europe:... more >
Waltraud Paschinger
44 min Deutsch
Once upon a time, more than 10,000 animal species lived in and relied on meadows in Austria. Fast forward to now and... more >
Rolando Menardi
50 min Deutsch
As Italy’s largest island Sardinia boasts a quarter of the country’s shoreline. Its wild coasts, imposing cliffs and... more >
Christian Baumeister
44 min Deutsch
Nature is full of surprises; all too often we don’t even notice them. Amazing animal behaviours often take place out... more >
Pepe Molina Cruz
8 min nonverbal
Melting Landscapes – Glaciers – the documentary showing the slow yet relentless melting of our earth’s glaciers and... more >
Berndt Welz
29 min Deutsch
South Tyrol is a natural paradise. But not for the residents of Mals in Italy. They are up in arms because they want... more >
Mathieu Le Lay
53 min Französisch mit engl. UT
In love with images and cold temperature, wildlife photographer Jérémie Villet travels alone through the frozen... more >
Harald Pokieser
51 min Deutsch
Though notorious for drugs and violence, Colombia has changed for the better despite many setbacks. Today, many once... more >
John Dutton
53 min Deutsch
The Hudson River is around 500 km long. It rises on Mount Marcy – the highest point in New York State – and flows... more >
Florian Guthknecht
52 min Deutsch
Coral reefs are among the most species-rich ecosystems on our planet and among those most threatened by global... more >
Laurent Geslin
82 min Englisch
In the heart of the Jura mountains, a strange call is heard at the end of winter. The stately silhouette of a boreal... more >
Iara Lee
58 min Englisch, Russisch mit engl. UT
Years after the devastating nuclear accident in Chernobyl, the exclusion zone around the power plant and the... more >
Carsten Frank
44 min Deutsch
In the midst of the Allgäuer Hochalpen nature reserve in the southernmost part of Germany, a handful of people keep... more >
Thomas Miklautsch
6 min nonverbal
The journey takes us from the valley bottom to the imposing peaks of the Fuscher Tal, into a world full of sounds and... more >
Sebastian Mulder
25 min Niederländisch mit engl. UT
“The forest has a thousand eyes” is an old German hunter’s saying that alludes to the eyes of wild animals. In his... more >
Mark Fletcher
73 min Englisch
For over 20 years now, diver Patrick Dykstra has been following and diving with whales. His sensitive approach and... more >
Jan Haft
5 min nonverbal
The rhythm of nature beats in four-four time. Dominik Eulberg is not only a composer and techno DJ but also a huge... more >
Mohsen Sakha
29 min Persisch mit engl. UT
This documentary is about the birds that migrate from the city of Tehran.Air pollution, the propagation of... more >
Franz Hafner
51 min Deutsch
Globally, the tiger is facing extinction. In the Russian Far East, however, appropriate safeguarding measures over... more >
Heinz Leger
50 min Deutsch
About three percent of Austria’s surface area has been designated as national park land. Here, nature can thrive... more >
Judith Adlhoch
43 min Deutsch
Even though it returned to Germany more than 20 years ago, the wolf polarises people like hardly any other animal... more >
Marcus Fischötter
52 min Deutsch
In winter, snow and ice even prey upon the fauna of the Swiss Alps. While marmots retreat into their cosy burrows to... more >
Lisa Seemann, Fritz Fechner
44 min Deutsch
The world’s highest mountain and its surroundings are both a popular destination for tourists and hiking enthusiasts... more >
Angela Graas-Castor
44 min Deutsch
Every spring, a unique migration takes place in the Bavarian Alps. More than ten thousand common toads embark on an... more >
Michael R. Gärtner
53 min Deutsch
All along its long and winding course through Switzerland, Austria and Germany, the Alpine river Inn is lined with... more >
Marc Haenecke
43 min Deutsch
At 2962 metres, the Zugspitze is Germany’s highest peak. Drawn by the breathtaking vistas, it draws more than 500,000... more >
Georg Bayerle
27 min Deutsch
In ancient times, Monviso was considered the highest mountain in the Alps as it dominated its surroundings. This... more >
Ines Possemeyer
52 min Deutsch
Protected by their relative inaccessibility and barely explored, Europe’s last remaining primeval forests have... more >
Herbert Ostwald
52 min Deutsch
On a picturesque Alpine river in the heart of Europe there lives a bizarre mythical creature – the Northern bald... more >
Rožle Bregar
85 min Slowenisch, Englisch mit engl. UT
She carves canyons, fertilizes fields, creates playgrounds, nesting grounds and deep pools. People drink her water,... more >
Uwe Müller
44 min Deutsch
Woodpeckers are the most proficient builders in the avian world. Whether spotted, green or black woodpecker, they... more >
Joseph Pontecorvo
53 min Deutsch
The Rocky Mountains, or Rockies for short, extend across much of North America, include several national parks and... more >
Will & Lianne Steenkamp
53 min Deutsch
A giant hippo bull – king of the world’s largest population of these huge land mammals – has an incredible story to... more >
Eric Bendick
51 min Deutsch
Mustang and Quarter Horse, Appaloosa and Morgan: America’s iconic horse breeds are the epitome of timeless power,... more >
Rodrigo Sena
25 min Portugisisch mit engl. UT
Inspired by a family photograph from 2007 of an indigenous family, the photographer visits the now adult family... more >
Picareta Lourdes
90 min Deutsch
The loss of biodiversity is assuming alarming proportions worldwide. With our lifestyles, we are biting off the hand... more >
Sylvain Lepetit, Miyuki Droz Aramaki, Sébastien Séga
90 min Deutsch
Thirty years ago, you had to stop your car every couple of hours to clear the windscreen of insects. Today you can... more >
Victoria Stone & Mark Deeble
51 min Englisch
Together, elephants and termites create ecosystems of immense biodiversity – waterholes. This is the remarkable story... more >
Thomas Halaczinsky
52 min Deutsch
Members of a 300-million-year-old species leaving their marine habitat to mate on a beach in New York is a... more >
Véronique, Anne & Erik Lapied
62 min Deutsch
With its pudgy appearance and comical behaviour, the marmot is one of the most endearing animals in our mountains... more >