People & Cultures- 19 Beiträge

Films on ethnological topics and cultures in their environment.

Barbara Gräftner
114 min Englisch mit dt. UT
As children, they ran barefoot to school; as adults they break world records. This documentary tells the stories of... more >
André Hörmann
88 min Deutsch
The world-famous Mahendra Highway runs for 1024 km across Nepal, through primeval forests, across mountain deserts... more >
Elena Blume
64 min Deutsch
For Erdene Otgonpurev, climbing and bouldering are more than just a sport; they are a philosophy of life. Convinced... more >
Hamid Sardar
90 min Englisch, Mongolisch mit engl. UT
In northern Mongolia’s Darhat valley, nomadic tribes bandits frequently lose horses to bandits, who steal them to... more >
John Porter, Dominic Bush
35 min Englisch mit dt. UT
One hundred years on from the first Everest expedition, the film explores the history of the expeditions in 1921,... more >
Adrian Goiginger
110 min Deutsch
Elias, the son of wealthy farmers, grew up in the Zillertal valley at the end of the 1960s. Sickened, in every sense... more >
Johannes Olszewski
5 min Englisch
Sunrise over Chandni Chowk – a young girl, a group of slackliners, and an ambassador make their way through the city... more >
Robert Schabus
88 min diverse Sprachen mit dt. UT
As well as a spectacular natural landscape in the heart of Europe, the Alps are home to 13 million people in eight... more >
Tom Dauer
27 min Deutsch
In his illustrated book "Erlebnis Berg: Zeit zum Atmen" (Mountain Experience: Time to Breathe), mountaineer, writer... more >
Dennis Timm
13 min Deutsch
Bruno is a mountain man through and through. He teaches snowboarding, is a passionate ski tourer and has published a... more >
Dennis Timm
12 min Deutsch
Walter Moosmair is an organic farmer who loves tinkering with electronics. His goal is to run his family farm... more >
Anna Baranowski, Michael Moritz
94 min Deutsch, Nepalesisch mit dt. UT
Stranded in the Himalayas – as the inner journey begins, the outer one comes to a standstill. Newly in love and... more >
Franz Walter
12 min Deutsch
Spending time in the great outdoors and experiencing nature together are important for all and everyone, regardless... more >
Peter Künzel
43 min Deutsch
Winter in the Berchtesgaden mountains has its own rhythm. As the days get shorter and colder, the first snow falls... more >
Chris Prescott
29 min Englisch
For fifty years, Bob Shepton lived on his sailing boat. Now the time has come for him to give up his adventurous life... more >
Werner Herzog
88 min Deutsch
On 3 June 1991 in Kyushu, Japan, a tsunami of ash and rock descended at over 100 mph from the peak of Mount Unzen,... more >
Nicolas Alliot
52 min Englisch
In 2016, Blutch attracted media attention when he tried to cross the entire Himalayas from west to east by... more >
Wilma Pradetto
26 min Deutsch
In the Alps’ largest chestnut forest there lies the tiny mountain village of Soglio. Disregarded for a long time, the... more >
Johannes Aitzetmüller
18 min Englisch mit dt. UT
The Tyrolean Manu Delago, who is internationally known as a handpan virtuoso, drummer and composer, has teamed up... more >